Carbon Muay Thai Shorts

Dhs. 315

Product Code : TYBS-046

  • Yokkao Muay Thai boxing shorts
  • Red Carbon model
  • Use by Buakaw Banchamek during his fight at Yokkao Extreme
  • Comfort use for Muay Thai and K-1 training and competitions
  • Size available from S to XL
  • Hand made in Thailand in satin


Yokkao Red Carbon shorts did the history in all Muay Thai boxing shorts collection.

These wonderful shorts, worn by Buakaw Banchamek during his fight at Yokkao Extreme, are completely designed to improve Muay Thai performance during the fights.

The model is shorter than usually Muay Thai boxing shorts and the deep cut on the leg sides are studied to facilitate kicks and knees.

Once you tried Yokkao Red Carbon shorts you can not train without anymore.

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