Ultra Light Neo

Dhs. 577.50

"NEO" Gi combines both classic BJJ GI elegance with modern kimono manufacturing details.

- 100% Cotton Pearl Weave (550 gsm)

- Woven shoulder patches

- Double Pant Loops

- EVA foam filled collar for improved comfort

- Reinforced knee area for increased durability

- Round rope for easy tying

- Adjusted and comfortable fit

This is a tapered fit GI for everyday training or competition. Fits true to size.


A0 - Fits athletes under 5'5", and under 130lbs

A1 - Fits athletes 5'5"-5'9" in height, and between 125lbs to 160lbs in weight

A2 - Fits athletes 5'8"- 6'1" in height, and between 160lbs to 190lbs in weight

A3 - Fits athletes 6'1"- 6'4" in height, and between 185lbs to 210lbs in weight

A4 - Fits athletes 6'3"- 6'7" in height and between 200lbs to 250lbs in weight

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