Katana Pro Adult BJJ Gi

Dhs. 622.13 Dhs. 829.50

The VULKAN KATANA Limited Edition Gi (Black) will make your Jiu Jitsu sharper.

Its name comes from the traditional and legendary Japanese sword that is known as a super strong weapon that were used by the samurai of ancient and feudal Japan. With unique features, just like the sword, the Kimono Katana brings novelties in its modeling, embroidery and reinforcements. Strategic points mark the strength of this unique kimono with style and design, bringing an embroidery written "STRENGTH" on its right shoulder, "COURAGE" on its left shoulder, and in KANJI "JIU JITSU" on the right leg and back of the jacket.

Reinforcement of the jacket and 4-point loop in RIPSTOP fabric for better performance and durability of the Kimono, in color red.

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