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The new Twins Wolf Boxing Gloves are a fresh look on their signature style. Using Twins Special craftsmanship we all know and trust, they’ve given the glove a whole new look.

Twins placed a fierce Wolf image across the back of the glove. The fingers features a linear grey and black pattern, that really adds depth to the glove’s design. Against the monochromatic background, the predator really pops – it’s ready for battle! The Twins Special logo is featured on each thumb, and again on the velcro wrist strap.

Inside the boxing glove, high-quality multilayer foam protects your hand from impact. The foam’s shape offers optimal hand support while punching. Twins Velcro Boxing Gloves provide excellent wrist support and hand protection. Padding across the wrist and the Velcro-wrist strap both help to support the wrist during training. This design helps keep the wrist in a neutral position while striking. It also guards against impact while blocking kicks and punches. The Velcro used on the wrist strap is durable and made from high quality material. It will help the gloves keep their value for years of training.

The Twins Wolf Boxing Gloves come in 8 different color designs: white, grey, red, blue, light blue, yellow, orange, and dark pink. Like all Twins Special Boxing gloves, these are available in a variety of sizes, from 8oz to 16oz.

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