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The TOWELL+ has been sold over 700,000 times, a true bestseller. STRYVE has redeveloped the sports towel and presents the TOWELL+ Light! Less weight and 100% finest microfibre. With changed material composition and better design. Experience the TOWELL+ light now!

  • Practical hanger: the hanger allows you to easily attach to fitness equipment and other surfaces and is therefore your perfect training partner.
  • High-quality materials: our towel is made of microfibre in Alcantara look, which makes the Towell + Light even lighter and absorbent. In addition, an integrated slip guard ensures that the towell stays exactly where you have positioned it.
  • INTEGRATED POCKETS WITH ZIP: Where with key and membership card during training? With the Stryve Towell +Pro, you can always have your hands free thanks to the integrated pockets and concentrate on your workout.
  • Touch-sensitive smart phone: Reject call or select new song while your smartphone is in the towel bag? No problem, because the Stryve +Pro has a touch-sensitive interior pocket.
  • Comfortable size: compared to the previous model, we have optimised our Towell + Pro in size. With 105 x 42.5 cm, it is the ideal base for any sports device and at the same time very handy.

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