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Tatsu weightlifting belt was designed with one goal in mind: exceptional performance for CrossFit competitors! With a 5" lumbar support area, 4" wide Velcro strap, and Auto-Lock security, you'll always receive a flawless, quick, and secure fit. Our back belt provides excellent support and stability to the lower back and abdomen. It's a must-have for serious cross-trainers and athletes.

  • Dimensions: 25-50" x 5"
  • Weight 48 to 0.65 lbs.

Benefits of TATSU Weight Lifting Belt?

The use of Tatsu lifting belts raises intra-abdominal pressure. Putting additional pressure on your core. Tatsu weight lifting belt will help you feel safer and develop core stability, giving you much more power while lifting large weights. A belt will improve performance when a lifter is squatting heavy or pulling heavy.

  • Increases the weight you can lift
  • Reduces post-lifting soreness
  • Protects your lower back
  • Stabilizes core muscles while lifting


Measure around the region where the belt will be worn with your clothing. Pull the tape firmly for the best measurement.

  • Small: 25-30"
  • Medium: 30-35"
  • Large: 35-40"
  • XL: 40-45"

AUTO-LOCK TECHNOLOGY: Tatsu weight lifting belts have Auto-Lock technology, which keeps your strap from coming undone under tremendous pressure. No matter how large your lift is, it will never open or slip, reducing the chance of injury. The auto-lock buckle is exceedingly simple and quick to use, releases instantly when the release roller is pulled, and will never wear out! Our auto-locking feature will keep you safe and offer you greater confidence throughout your lifts!

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