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With our excellent Lifting straps, you can overcome weak forearms and poor grip strength. With Tatsu lifting straps, you'll be able to set new personal records and add weight to all of your lifts. Our lifting straps are the best on the market since they are composed of the strongest cotton, with double layer stitching, and thick neoprene padding.

  • Dimensions: 1.5‚Äù Wide by 21‚Äù Long
  • Material: Cotton with Neoprene pad
  • Size: One Size Fit All

Benefits of TATSU Lifting Straps:

Tatsu lifting straps can assist anybody trying to boost their lifts, gain muscle and strength, decrease injuries, and break through plateaus. Lifters might concentrate on the pull component of the lifts rather than the grasp. Straps will help you to prolong your set through grip exhaustion and pump additional repetitions, maximizing muscle and strength whenever your grasp fails.

  • Extended Length with Reinforced Stitching
  • Strengthen your grip to the bar
  • Lift more with more comfort
  • Protects the palm of your hands
  • Supports your hands, wrists and forearms for heavyweight lifts
  • Helps reach muscle failure before your grip fails

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