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PERFECT WORKOUT: Our premium speed jump rope is ready to go whenever you are. It only requires a small space to jump in without weather or location concerns and is fully portable. Master your double unders, increase speed and endurance while on the go, at home or gym. Use it for various Workouts: Fitness Training, WODs, Boxing, MMA, Interval Training, Cardio Training, Agility Training and many more.
    BUILT FOR UNBEATABLE SPEED – Our Speed Cable Jump Ropes are made from the lightest and strongest materials available. With a strong steel coated cable, long nylon handles and patented 4 bearing system, our jump rope is everything you need to master any moves.
    FULLY ADJUSTABLE – Our 10 foot speed cable is super easy to adjust thanks to our unique sliding screw and collars that set the handles at the perfect length for you. Stand on the middle of the rope with one foot and bring the handles up to your arm pits. Use the special Allen key provided with your kit and tighten the screws. Perfect for women, men or children of any height!
    LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE – Our premium jump rope is equipped with a tangle-free steel cable coated in PVC for protection and better durability, high precision 360 degree double rotation mechanism for increased rotation speed and 6 inches long tapered handles for easy, comfortable hold to create the best environment throughout rotation for a consistent, smooth and fast swing.
    FREE BONUS: Our speed jump rope includes a Jump Rope + Red Spare Cable (10 ft) + UNIQUE Set Screw Kit + Allen Key + Carrying Bag.

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