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Product description
These Twins boxing gloves are made out of 100% Thai leather. The Twins gloves belong in the BGVL 3 collection. The kickboxing gloves are handmade in Thailand using the original Twins model. Here you see the Twins boxing gloves in the colour wine red. Twins gloves offer maximum protection to your hand and wrist while training. The boxing gloves have an attached thumb. This means that the thumb is secured to the glove to prevent unnecessary injuries.

The craftsmanship and the leather that were used to make these Twins gloves give you an allround product. The boxing gloves can be used for all types of training such as pad work, boxing bags, regular workouts and sparring. As far as we’re concerned Twins BGVL 3 is a premium brand with the best gloves. Simply put: these Twins boxing gloves are an investment worth making. The Twins boxing gloves are suitable for men and women. We advise these boxing gloves to advanced athletes and fighters.

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