Boxing Gloves

Dhs. 199.50

The Elite Best Defense Leather Glove is ideal for professional athletes who perform heavier and more efficient workouts. Developed with Best PRO technology, with five layers that act independently for smooth contact with the hand in the absorption of impact. The premium leather (bovine) coating offers more durability and efficiency. Its interior is composed of a fabric of high softness and also has double seams, making the product even more comfortable and resistant.

Boxing Glove Differentials Best Defense:

  • Modality: Boxing and Muay Thai
  • Premium leather material covering (bovine)
  • Type: Thumb attached to glove, long finger
  • Antibacterial fabric;
  • Reinforced velcro closure in the wrist region;

Instructions for use:

  • Fit the glove as evenly as possible;
  • Attach the Velcro securely to the wrist;
  • After use put gloves in a dry, ventilated place;
  • Wipe them with a damp cloth, regularly;


  • Exclusive design
  • Zipper with free upper area and Velcro adjustment
  • High damping and increased safety
  • Ultra resistant
  • Fist with superior filler and firmness
  • Ventilation system Smash in palm
  • Five-layer filling
  • Exclusive Technology BEST PRO 
  • Glove made and lined with premium leather (bovine)

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