BEPL 1 Belly Protector

Dhs. 546


This Twins Special Belly Protector is made to withstand the punishing training regiment of Top MMA fighters. It comes with a classic buckle waist closure at the back; this ensures a snug, comfortable fit.

The Belly Protector is ideal for training push kicks, knee strikes, and overall clench training; it can be used in conjunction with kicking pads and punching mitts. As with all Twins Special FIGHT GEAR, it will give you the performance and long-lasting durability you would expect from such a legend in the Martial Arts World.

Its quality craftsmanship and rugged design are unmatched. Whether you are training in Muay Thai, MMA, or personal self-defense you will not find a better Belly Protector anywhere else. No one offers Martial Arts equipment that compares with the production quality, functionality, or aesthetic design that Twins Special is known for.

  • Belly Protectors are made from 100% leather and top-of-the-line high density padding. 

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