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BJJ Adult Pants (2022) or Tatsu Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Adult Pants (2022) are designed using durable 350gsm pearl weave fabric. The BJJ Pants are highly durable and ultra-lightweight.

Additional support for the Pant is provided by the reinforced stitching in crucial spots.

Jiu Jitsu Pants are RIPSTOP and this Pant is fully Legal for International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF).

Tatsu 2022 Pant can be also used for JUDO classes.

Tatsu BJJ GI Pant made in Pakistan and the design is very simple, attractive and perfect for your Jiu Jitsu classes.

  • Material: 350gsm Pearl weave fabric
  • International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) Legal
  • Lightweight
  • Sizes: A4-A0, M4-M0
  • Color: Black

Our Pant comes in different sizes (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, M4, M3, M2, M1). You can refer to the below international BJJ Size chart.

Tatsu 2022 BJJ Pant have been preshrunk, but the jacket and BJJ trousers may shrink. We recommend cold washing and hanging drying your Brazilian jiujitsu Pant. This procedure will only reduce your Pant by 3cm to 4cm.


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